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 Dr. Dan Goehl has owned Canton Veterinary Clinic along with his wife Dr. Rachel Goehl since 1998. Dr. Rachel served at a Small Animal Practice in the Quincy area before joining Canton Veterinary Clinic as it continues to grow and serve Northeast Missouri and the Tri-County Area. 

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Genex Bull Semen Sales

Genex Bull Semen Sales


Genex Bull Semen Sales

Genex Bull Semen Sales

Genex Bull Semen Sales


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Canton Veterinary Clinic

30182 Pear Street, Canton, Missouri 63435, United States

(573) 288-3817 Fax: 573-303-5983 Email: This email address will connect you directly with the desk at the Canton office. Palmyra Office: 220 North Bradley Street Palmyra 573-769-0116


Canton Office:          

Monday: 8am-6pm                       

Tuesday-Friday: 8am-5pm           

Saturday 8:30-12:00 pm

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Monday:  8am-5pm

Tuesday:  8am-5pm

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"Dr. Rachel really treats our pets line family.  We love coming to Canton Vet Clinic"